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Benefits of paper disposal

Disposing of paper wasteThe benefits of managing paper disposal and its subsequent recycling can be ascertained by the effect upon the environment.  One benefit of paper disposal is the demand for raw materials is reduced, the other is that we minimise our demand for landfill sources.  It is also important that the correct methods of paper disposal is carried out in order to prevent further environmental repercussions.

Responsible paper disposal and recycling

According to Wikipedia, 90% of paper pulp originates from our trees.  The recycling of our newspapers enables us to save in the region of 1 tonne of wood whilst we can conserve more than 2 tonnes of wood for every 1 tonne of printing/copier paper that is recycled.

Paper disposal and its effect upon landfill

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, 35% of our waste (in terms of its weight and before it is recycled) constitutes paper products.  For every 1 tonne of our newspapers we can eradicate the requirement for 3 cubic metres of landfill (Source: Sudbury, Jodi B. (1989). 50 Simple things you Can do to Save the Earth. Berkeley CA: Earthworks Press. ISBN 0929634063).  There has been recent changes to waste legislation: the Landfill Directive is seen as a way of attempting to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill sites by encouraging businesses to reassess the way in which they organise and recycle their waste.  Managing paper disposal effectively is vital.

For more information, please refer to the web page from the Environment Agency - Recent legislation changes.

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