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Guidelines for good practice in paper disposal

Appoint a data controller

They are responsible for the control of personal data. The ICO (information commissioner’s office) should be notified of any data breaches.

Check all paper waste is being destroyed

It’s difficult to educate staff in what’s confidential & what’s not – far simpler to destroy everything. All shredded paper is recycled after destruction so the environment will benefit.

Check security/access of storage receptacles

Sacks should be tagged & stored safely. Bins/cabinets should be secure with key register

Check shredding company has relevant credentials

Any shredding company should have at least ISO9001:2008 & should be able to provide evidence of regular auditing. Off-site facilities should be checked periodically.

Collection staff should be uniformed & carry identification

Always check collection staff are who they say they are.

Check there is an audit trail from collection through to certificate

The collection docket left after the service should match up with certificate of destruction. Copies should be held on file for 2 years.


Educate staff about their responsibilities & best practice. Locate collection units in easily accessible areas & mark them clearly,


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