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Managing paper disposal

A frequently asked question by people is how easy is it to manage paper disposal?  (Refer to our FAQs for more information).  Most people understand the benefits of paper disposal and the real cost savings that can be gained by implementing a paper recycling policy - they understand that recycling as methods of paper disposal is one important aspect as well as the need to reduce levels of pollution and paper disposal.

At Lombard Recycling we can help guide you through the whole process from the collection of materials which are stored in our lockable bins and containers to the transportation and subsequent destruction of confidential items.  There are various containers to choose from either the most basic cardboard recycling bin (which is suitable for an office environment to the more executive bin slot and lock which has a smarter look.  If you need something larger yet easy to use, the 120 litre slot and lock bin may be more suitable or alternatively a storage facility for our confidential sacks which comes in the form of a sack cabinet.  Contact us for more information.

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