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Sustainable paper disposal

Paper recycling the right way

Paper products which are sent to landfill take a significant period of time to break down.  The decomposition process releases methane gases which as we all know, is a contributory factor to the greenhouse effect. According to the Paper Federation of Great Britain, we dump 5 million tonnes of paper in landfill - it is therefore vital that a responsible paper disposal and paper recycling plan of action is given the priority it requires.

Not only do we send all the paper that is shredded at Lombard Recycling to paper mills in the UK, we try, where possible to select those mills which are in close proximity to our depot - thus minimising our carbon footprint.

Recycling as a method of paper disposal

Statistics show that less energy is required when undertaking paper recycling as opposed to virgin paper.  There are many factors which affect the amount of energy that can be saved, for example, the type of paper and the type of production process undertaken.  However, energy saving levels in the range of between 28% and 70% have been reported (Ogilvie, S.M. (1992). A Review of the Environmental Impact of Recycling).  Another encouraging fact is that the effluents from recycling paper plants such as those that are released into water have a smaller effect upon the environment than virgin pulp effluents. 

Incineration is favoured above landfill as methods of paper disposal yet, recycling generates less greenhouse gasses than both. Incinerators are expensive to produce and need to be in operation with long-standing contracts in order to make them financially viable.  Once a local authority employs incineration as a recycling policy, further methods of recycling tend not to be so vigorously explored since the local authority needs to maintain its incineration levels.  Another negative aspect of incineration is that is a contributory factor to air pollution and produces toxic ash.

Pollution and paper disposal

It would seem that paper disposal options should be listed in order of their effect upon the environment.  The least detrimental option is to concentrate on reducing the level of raw materials required followed by recycling, incineration and finally, landfill.

By understanding the benefits of paper disposal, you will be able to improve your waste management strategy - it. will help you attain an improved level of efficiency and we would be happy to advise on any areas of recycling should you need guidance.  Contact us today for more help or request a quote using our online form.

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