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Mobile Data Shredding Services

We can come to your premises so you have the opportunity to witness at first hand the secure paper shredding of your sensitive material.  This method of disposing of confidential material is very popular since it gives our customers peace of mind and there is no risk of data being stolen and then misused, it also means that we have kept to a minimum the number of people who have handled your confidential material. 

Combined with our flexible scheduling (see Ad hoc shredding) this may be your preferred option and we supply a Certificate of Destruction at the end of the process.  The whole process is more cost-efficient since we can supply lockable bins and containers for your office areas and it means employees don’t waste time shredding themselves.

Lombard complies with the Data Protection Act (1998) to ensure that the destruction of the material follows the eight principles defined within it.  For more information please refer to the Information Commissioner’s Office (

Mobile shredder

Our mobile data shredder comes fitted with a kerb lifting system which enables an impressive on-site shredding capacity of 2.5 tonnes per hour.  There is no need for your staff to waste time removing staples, folders or plastic sleeves – our shredder can cope with all types of recyclable material.  All shredded material is then delivered to a UK paper mill and recycled into tissue.  For peace of mind we issue a Certificate of Destruction.

If you think our mobile data shredding service is what you require, fill out our Request quote form, order online or call us 0800 389 9309 and we will be happy to advise you in any way we can.


6 Easy Steps For Secure Destruction..........

Step 1: OrderStep 2: Delivery of sacks or binsStep 3: FillingStep 4: We come along and shred onsiteStep 5: Shredded material delivered to UK paper mill and recycled into tissuesStep 6: We invoice and send certificate of destruction

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